Lease risk assessment

Lease risk assessment

Maintain a Standard of Excellence for Your Business

Reputations are hard-won. You’ve worked hard to maintain yours through your business’s commitment to excellence, but without the right set of eyes on your lease portfolio, you could unintentionally be jeopardizing that standing.

Scribcor provides meaningful lease risk assessment services that empower your success. Let us help you ensure completeness, consistency and compliance with your lease portfolio so you can continue to reach new heights.

Identify Issues in Your Lease Documents

Review the links below to learn more about our lease risk assessment services.

Lease Administration

Maintain an organized, accurate and cost-effective portfolio

Lease Abstraction

See how we deliver consistent, accurate lease abstraction to all clients

Secure Lease Risk Assessment Solutions

We work with clients across the globe in a variety of sectors. Here are a few of our current engagements:

Retail – Whirlpool, Windsor, Everything But Water

Healthcare – AccentCare, United Veterinary Care, Professional Physical Therapy

Office – International Monetary Fund, Skadden, BBX Capital

Let’s Talk Reputation

We look forward to helping you identify, assess and reduce the likelihood of risks within your portfolio. Contact us today to learn more.