Lease Abstraction Services

Data integrity is mission critical to all aspects of the lease administration cycle. Scribcor Global Lease Administration delivers an accurate and comprehensive lease abstraction program which captures, validates, and reviews the data elements that are important to you. The basis for this trustworthy data is a reliable set of lease documents that conforms with your business rules for document quality. Complete and reliable documentation leads to complete and reliable data in your lease administration system.

Lease Abstraction

What Is Lease Abstraction?

Lease abstraction is the process that summarizes key information from your lease documents and makes it readily accessible for you to monitor, review and update. Many companies struggle with data accuracy and consistency, resulting in a lack of critical real-time information to produce meaningful reports and portfolio analysis and make effective strategic decisions.

System Consulting

Database System Consulting

No matter which software solution you use, it is important to have accurate and timely lease data that you and your team can trust. The best software solution is one that tracks the data and best meets your unique business needs.

Getting Started

The Lease Abstraction Process

Scribcor Global’s staff of seasoned attorneys, accountants, and lease administration professionals, coupled with our rigorous quality assurance process, ensures accuracy and completeness to the highest degree.