Our Approach

Scribcor’s end-to-end lease administration offering proactively identifies cost savings and avoidance opportunities, enables strategic planning and portfolio optimization, and supports real estate compliance with financial reporting requirements. Our full-service offering provides everything a client may need. And while we believe we can serve our clients best when engaged to perform the entire suite of services, we also recognize that clients enjoy the flexibility of picking what services work best for their portfolio needs.

The Value of Focus

Without a Specific Focus on Lease Administration,

a corporation’s real estate assets are likely to be underutilized, resulting in missed opportunities to capture value, streamline operations, and avoid costs. When these opportunities are missed and inaccurate charges are unknowingly paid, the result is an asset portfolio that is more expensive and more difficult to manage. It also becomes increasingly difficult to remain compliant with regulatory requirements such as the new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our Approach is Both Flexible and Scalable.

We customize our service level to fit your business needs whether you need basic lease abstraction and accounting services, compliance auditing and/or rent payment services. You are in control and choose the level of service you require. We maintain a “bullet proof,” reliable and accessible real-time real estate database on your behalf. We can even assist you in selecting a database software platform that best meets your needs; however, we are software agnostic and do not advocate any one system nor do we offer a proprietary software.