Lease Auditing Services

One of the largest opportunities for cost savings is the review of operating expense, property tax and other expenses that are annually reconciled by your landlords. By validating these billings against the lease and related documents, oftentimes errors, omissions and misstatements are uncovered, which reduces occupancy costs and sends savings directly to your bottom line.

If a more thorough review is warranted, Scribcor also provides full lease audit support.

Desktop Lease Audit

The desktop review consists of an analysis of the lease and related documents, the landlord expense reconciliation billings and supporting documentation, and a trend analysis of current and prior years’ expenses. Our skilled team also focuses on identifying key issues in the lease language, as well as charges excluded or not supported by the lease language.

Upon completion of the desktop review, we submit a confidential report to you, setting out our findings. With your approval, the Scribcor team then addresses the anomalies/issues with the landlord and prepares the necessary arguments and documentation to recover any potential funds.

Full Lease Audit

Should the results of a desktop lease audit reveal that a deeper examination of the landlord’s books and records is warranted and prudent, we may mutually decide to invoke your right to formally audit the landlords’ books and records as is described in your lease.

The full lease audit includes the examination of the complete documentation that supports the annual reconciliation, which may include the general ledger, occupancy schedules, service contracts, vendor invoices, and other items that support the property’s operating expenses.

After completion of the field work, a confidential report is issued to you in draft format for discussion. Once the report is approved, a final copy is presented to you that can be forwarded to the landlord for their review and is used as a basis for any negotiations that might take place. We provide support and guidance throughout the entire lease audit process.