Lease Abstraction Services

Lease abstraction is the process that summarizes key information from your lease documents and makes it readily accessible for you to monitor, review and update. Many companies struggle with data accuracy and consistency, resulting in a lack of critical real-time information to produce meaningful portfolio analysis and make effective strategic decisions.

Data is Key

Data integrity is mission critical to all aspects of the lease administration cycle. Scribcor Global Lease Administration delivers an accurate and comprehensive lease abstraction program which captures, validates and reviews hundreds of data elements. The basis for this trustworthy data is a reliable set of lease documents that conform with our business rules for document quality. Complete and reliable documentation leads to complete and reliable data in your lease administration system.

Sophisticated Expertise
and Judgment

Nuanced and conflicting legal language can create a minefield of potential errors, omissions, mistakes in interpretation and missed opportunities that can cost millions of dollars and severely harm corporate real estate policy. We are experts at navigating this minefield successfully and consistently with our seasoned, sophisticated expertise and judgment. Our team has the legal, financial and real estate knowledge to know what data needs to be captured and to deliver it thoroughly and accurately. Scribcor Global’s staff of seasoned attorneys, accountants and corporate real estate professionals, coupled with our rigorous quality assurance process, ensures accuracy and completeness every time for every client.

Customized Solutions
You Can Trust

Scribcor Global provides accurate and timely lease abstracts that you and your real estate team can trust during all phases of your lease management process. The data in your database can be traced back to your lease files, no matter which software package you use.

If, as part of the abstraction service you are also planning to select a lease administration database, we can assist you in selecting one that best meets your needs. Our team consists of expert level lease abstractors and lease administrators who work with industry-leading software packages every day. While we maintain a software agnostic approach and do not advocate any one system over another, we can recommend lease administration systems that are a good fit based on your needs and budget.

The process below is representative of our team’s approach to providing a thorough report for our abstraction clients.