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Green Leases & Eco-Friendly Practices in Industrial Spaces

March 19, 2024

Lease Management

Green initiatives have overcome initial backlash to become the clear path forward for organizations — especially those who rely on industrial spaces as a core part of their real estate portfolio. Production spaces and shipping hubs can cause serious environmental concerns for the communities around them, leaving companies with tough choices on how best to address these concerns. By building eco-friendly practices into your procurement process, you will be able to be a good neighbor before you even open your doors. Let’s take a look at what some of those lease management processes look and how they benefit all stakeholders – including your organization.

Outfit for Sustainability

Sustainable construction is a very broad term that can mean different things in different contexts. For industrial spaces, there are many ways in which eco-friendly lease management practices can reduce the space’s impact on the community. 

Low-flow plumbing fixtures are a must in order to promote water conservation. Industrial spaces can take advantage of roof space by installing solar panels to produce some of their own power. If the space was constructed with your organization in mind, you can lead the way by insisting that sustainable building materials are used throughout the build-out. As you can see, some green initiatives carry a trackable ROI.

Neutralize Pollutants

If your space will be production focused, it is likely that you will create pollutants in some form. While this is simply a byproduct of your business, what you do to mitigate the effects of these compounds on the environment around your space will make all the difference.

Capturing and filtering pollutants before they hit the air or water of your neighbors will not only keep you in good standing with local regulatory agencies but will also signal to the community that you are a trusted partner willing to do your part for the environment.

Agree to Green

If your organization is looking to incorporate eco-friendly practices at every possible level, negotiate them into your lease agreement from the start. It is much easier to enforce an existing agreement than it is to change it midstream. If you want to ensure that your space will match your company’s internal eco-friendly goals, make sure they are clearly spelled out in your lease agreement.

Partnering for the Planet

At Scribcor, we understand how important it is to have a space that is the best fit for your needs while also upholding your responsibility to the environment. We are here to support your goals through accurate and complete lease management. Our services will help to ensure your real estate portfolio reflects your stewardship of the earth. Reach out today to discuss how to inject eco-friendly policies into your real estate portfolio.

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