Lease Accounting Adoption

The initial adoption of the lease accounting standard often requires a concentrated effort executed by a diverse team from many different disciplines, including accounting, real estate, procurement, and many others.

Flexible Services

Lease Accounting Adoption Project

Leased assets can be found in every business function. The large ones like real estate are easy to find, but leases may also exist in manufacturing and distribution, human resources, marketing, IT, administration, and other functions. To effectively execute a lease accounting adoption project plan, a multi-functional team is needed to uncover and document all of these contracts and assets. In some cases, outside assistance can be beneficial, and can include project management, lease accounting, system implementation, or lease abstraction support. Scribcor’s flexible services support adoption projects by bringing lease accounting, lease administration, system selection and implementation, and project management experience to your team to meet you exactly where you are at in your adoption process.