Providing Confidence
in Lease Data Management

A lease portfolio is a complex, ever-changing system of relationships; rents, vendors, landlords, etc. Many companies set out with the best intentions of keeping their real estate database accurate and up to date “real time”. Are you and your executive team 100% confident in your lease data?


Fell will maintain a “bulletproof”, reliable and accessible real-time real estate database.

Portfolio Management will involve receipt by Fell’s professionals of all portfolio updates for leased, subleased and owned locations such as new leases, renewals/extensions, amendments, change of vendor or vendor address notices, estoppels, and subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements. We then update the information in your real-time database so you have current information anytime, anywhere. Additionally, Fell will suggest reporting parameters and provide multiple reports on a periodic basis, typically monthly.

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