The Importance of Quality Assurance

Our lease administration delivery process is governed by our Operations Leader and his teamwho continually impart best practice information relating to confidentiality to the staff.  Any software platform we utilize is vetted to assure complete security and clearances are only granted as agreed upon with the client.

Fell takes its quality assurance programs very seriously. We work with our clients to set formal quantitative and qualitative measurements that can be tracked regularly. As goals are achieved, we can build on our successes; and as we address challenges, we can strengthen our learning areas.

We conduct regular periodic performance reviews with our clients. As a result of this measurement process, we are aware of any compliance issues and can address them quickly. We also have tailored procedures in place to ensure process compliance.

In addition to measuring quantitative performance, we take pride in qualitative performance, believing that even if quantitative savings are achieved, if the people and process are not superlative, we have not done our job.

We therefore measure the satisfaction of our performance through the use of anecdotal information gathered through surveys sent to applicable stakeholders upon the completion of a project as well as annual account team surveys. This helps to assure the highest-possible level of customer satisfaction. Our formal quality assurance program evidences a commitment to providing our clients with the best total value in people, services and results.

Lastly as to performance assurance, Fell will utilize a continuous improvement model which allows it to assist its clients to make incremental changes to existing processes, adopt new ways to improve and measure productivity and control, discontinue activity that adds no value, and increase emphasis and focus on the organization’s risk appetite, mission and objectives.

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