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Explore best practices, industry updates and the latest news from Scribcor.

Resource Center

Explore best practices, industry updates and the latest news from Scribcor.

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Joan Cullen: 25 Years with Scribcor

Decision-making, compliance, and financial reporting all depend on effective lease administration. In this webinar, Scribcor’s Denise Hinkle discusses what we have learned from our FASB implementation experience with our clients and what CRE leaders need to have top of mind when adopting the standard.

Webinar: Driving ROI with CRE Consolidations

Learn what both tenants and landlords should keep in mind regarding their CAM reconciliations and invoices. Scribcor’s Denise Hinkle shares insightful tips to consider when reviewing pass through expenses.


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Lease Abstraction vs. Lease Administration: Understanding the Differences featured image

Lease Abstraction vs. Lease Administration: Understanding the Differences

Global real estate portfolios represent significant capital investments and strategic assets for businesses, and the disciplines of lease abstraction...
Private Equity’s Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions featured image

Private Equity’s Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions

The top private equity firms are pros at sealing the deal and acquiring new companies. As you can imagine, this impacts lease managers who are already...
Gaining Control of Your Lease Portfolio featured image

Gaining Control of Your Lease Portfolio

Overseeing a substantial industrial real estate portfolio is a significant role. The complexity of managing multiple industrial properties, each with...
Director of Facilities and Administration, Logistics

“We partner with Scribcor for Lease Administration services and compliance in ACS842. Scibcor initiates Lease Accelerator tickets when there are functionality issues with the platform and provides support for issue resolution. They are fully invested to ensure issues are resolved promptly. Their dedication makes them a recommended partner.”

“We adopted the new lease standard (ASC 842) which required a lot of work. Scribcor abstracted and summarized key information from more than 300 leases and uploaded it into our new lease software. They understood our needs and helped us to have a smooth transition. After the transition period, Scribcor has been helping us to abstract any new leases/amendments throughout the year. The team is very responsive and always open to assist with requests as needed. I would highly recommend Scribcor to other companies.”

“Scibcor provided operating expense audit services for a major lease for one of our affiliate companies. We were able to obtain an excellent settlement on the matter because of the work they performed. I highly recommend that tenants engage Scribcor to assist in exercising their lease audit right. In our case, it led to substantial cost savings.”

“Scribcor’s impact on our business has been significant. They created and maintained an organized platform for our portfolio records, ensuring efficient management of our real estate assets. Additionally, they provided strategic advice on complex problems, validating costs to instill confidence in the accuracy of financial data. Their talent and industry knowledge, combined with their deep understanding of our business, make them a valuable partner for any organization seeking comprehensive real estate services.”


of Difference-Making

Scribcor has always prided itself on its high standards of customer service, custom-tailored solutions and client satisfaction. We are extremely proud that our first-ever client from 1992 is still a client today. See for yourself why so many clients trust Scribcor with their leased portfolios.