Customer Service Builds Trust and Loyalty

The Situation

A long-standing client did not have an internal real estate organization to manage and administer its international portfolio. Scribcor had been engaged to provide full-service lease administration services for this client’s domestic portfolio. The client notified the Scribcor team that they were undergoing an audit and were under the gun to respond to the auditors’ requests. Because of the client’s thin resources and urgency of the situation, Scribcor was asked if they could provide immediate help.

The Solution

The Scribcor team went above and beyond to help the client navigate the audit. The Scribcor Account Manager went so far as to sacrifice her personal vacation time to ensure the client could respond appropriately. She made a special trip into the office and produced a just-in-time report that allowed the client to respond to the audit inquiry on time, thus avoiding a penalty and other unknown, but potentially repercussive outcomes.

Later, through an RFP process, Scribcor was awarded the client’s global lease abstraction and lease administration responsibilities. Scribcor won this business after competing against one of the industry’s largest real estate service providers and because of the high level of trust and track record of working with the client.

That sentiment was reinforced when the client awarded Scribcor the global contract. They remarked:

“Scribcor’s account manager dropped everything she was doing on one of her vacation days, rushed to the office, and in a few hours, was able to create a report that satisfied the needs of the audit. That kind of responsiveness would never have happened if the relationship was managed by a large, real estate transaction services provider.”