Denise Hinkle quoted in Forbes article about What World-Class Companies Know About Lease Administration

The best lease administrators have a tripod of essential skills in their arsenal. The first is the ability to read and interpret legal language in a lease. Lease administrators need to interpret what is being conveyed by the lease language and understand that the placement of punctuation can affect that interpretation. They need to be able to understand and use the lease to support or refute specific situations as needed.

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Pfister, Tom. “What World-Class Companies Know About Lease Administration.” Forbes, Sept 21, 2018

By Denise Hinkle

By Denise Hinkle

A seasoned veteran with over 25 years of industry-specific expertise, Denise is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with Scribcor’s existing and potential clients as well as serving on the executive leadership team. Denise is also responsible for creating and presenting a thought leadership series that provides insight and education on a variety of commercial real estate specific topics. Article edited and copy-edited by Katie Goldhagen.

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