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5 Things to Know. Right. Now. About Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Equipment Leases

The processes for equipment leasing in many organizations can be characterized as fragmented and decentralized, especially for small value assets. Some high-volume, higher value assets such as fleet vehicles might be leased under master agreements, but for others,...

Desktop vs. Full Lease Audit & Audit Rights, Explained

We often discuss how important it is to review your Common Area Maintenance (CAM) or Operating Expense (OPEX) reconciliation since reviewing this information can save your company money. Depending on the size of your leased space, it could be a great deal of money....

Office Building Owners Drown in Tide of Sublease Space

Companies throughout the U.S. are flooding the market with office space to sublease as landlords already face weak demand as firms embrace hybrid work models. Read the rest of the story on WSJ's website.

Caps, Stops, Pro Rata Share and More! The Components and Mechanics of Expense Reconciliation

Commercial tenants are often financially responsible for their share of a property’s operating expenses, which can be a sizeable portion of their total lease obligation. Accurately calculating the tenant’s share entails a thorough understanding of each of the...