Month: June 2019 Articles

Scribcor’s approach to lease administration is flexible and scalable.

We customize our service level to fit the business needs of the client, whether they need basic lease abstraction and accounting services, compliance auditing and/or rent payment services.

Lease administration, lease abstraction and data integrity are Scribcor’s prime focus.

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that the best solutions are brought to your leased asset portfolios.

Lease administration for non-real estate assets is different, and unique.

The more global and decentralized your operations are, the more complex the situation can become. New quarterly and annual lease accounting calculations can’t be completed without data from this important activity.

Leases need to be located, collected, and identified to properly capture necessary data.

This data is needed to effectively administer portfolios and comply with applicable financial reporting standards. Properly managed and organized documentation is an important foundation, and a tenet of our strategy.