Month: September 2018 Articles

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National Retail Tenants Association “Expanding Knowledge Conference”

There are just a few days until we head out to the 2018 NRTA Expanding Knowledge Conference in Houston, Texas. From Sunday Sept. 30th until Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, we'll be at Booth #11 at the Houston Marriott Marquis for one of our favorite annual events. Furthermore,...

Scribcor’s team of professionals understand the industry and bring a fresh perspective to your #leaseadministration needs. #ScribcorGlobal

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Denise Hinkle quoted in Forbes article about What World-Class Companies Know About Lease Administration

The best lease administrators have a tripod of essential skills in their arsenal. The first is the ability to read and interpret legal language in a lease. Lease administrators need to interpret what is being conveyed by the lease language and understand that the...