Lease abstraction services

Lease abstraction services

Eliminate Errors to Protect Your Bottom Line

As a portfolio manager, we know you have encountered your fair share of conflicting legal jargon. If you have ever been frustrated by the confusing and nuanced nature of your lease documents, you’re not alone.

Navigate this legal minefield with ease by entrusting Scribcor’s lease abstraction services. Our industry knowledge allows us to capture relevant data accurately and thoroughly. Connect with us today to learn more.

Scribcor: Intuitive Lease Abstraction

We offer a variety of lease abstraction services to protect your bottom line, including database system consulting, M&A due diligence, and project management.

Our team consists of attorneys, accountants and other experts in the lease abstraction field, ensuring that your portfolio remains free of inaccuracies.

Lease abstraction services

We capture pertinent data and deliver it with attention to detail.

Our Mission

Discover how our lease management solutions empower client success.

Shaping Leases for Prestigious Brands

Our personalized approach to lease management has made a positive impact on many clients. Here are just a few we have serviced:

Office – Skadden, Livingston, BBX Capital

Retail – Verano, Hot Topic, Pet Supplies Plus

Healthcare – Rexall, Professional Physical Therapy, OrangeTheory

Reach out today to discuss lease abstraction and add your name to our impressive client list.

Connect Today With Scribcor

Let us help you summarize the key points of your lease so you can save time, money, and avoid harming your corporate real estate policy. Get in touch to learn more about our lease abstraction services.