Forrest Slyfield

Account Manager

Forrest has been with Scribcor Global for over sixteen (16) years. His current assignment as Account Leader for a Fortune 50 technology company includes administering their sublease portfolio as well as performing escalation desktop audits for their prime lease locations. The sublease portfolio consists of approximately 115 locations, with a total annual billing of approximately $30M. With Forrest leading Scribcor Global’s delivery, the client’s average annual delinquency percentage (over 30 amount/ total billing) has remained under 5% for nine out of the last eleven years. The escalation portion of the contract covers over 230 locations, which has resulted in a total savings to the client of over $4.4M over the past nine years, greatly increasing since the implementation of an Escalation Tracking Process in 2009, to the point where in the last three years alone Forrest has recovered nearly $3M.

For the past twenty (20) years, Forrest has worked in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. As Assistant Manager for a downtown Chicago office building, he assisted in calculating the Operating Expense billings on the Landlord side for over seventy-five leases.

Forrest received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign.