Fell Announces Corporate Name Change to Scribcor Global Lease Administration

Our new name reflects our expanded, global capabilities as well as our vision for the future. Come inside and have a look around our new web home.

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May 17, 2018 — Oak Brook, Illinois-based Fell Lease Administration announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Scribcor Global Lease Administration. The name change reflects the company’s broader, global capabilities, scalable services, as well as deeper expertise in Lease Administration, FASB Lease Consulting, and Equipment Lease Administration.

“For some, our new name, Scribcor, may have a familiar ring to it,” explains company President, Jamie Covert. “That’s because the company known as Fell Lease Administration initially began as Scribcor, in 1992. Our new full name, Scribcor Global Lease Administration, allows us to capitalize on the legacy Scribcor name, while emphasizing our expanded, global capabilities and reinforcing the way we are changing lease administration services. The new name reflects our emphasis on people, thought leadership, industry advancement, and quality deliverables that help clients manage risk and exposure, comply with regulatory requirements and create actionable insights for leased portfolios.”

Scribcor Global Lease Administration

“We are very excited to open this new chapter in the company’s journey,” says Covert. “The re-brand to Scribcor Global Lease Administration is a catalyst for our future growth as well as a significant boost for our employees who want to be part of something bigger. For our clients, it signifies that we have elevated our game and our focus on helping them achieve their lease administration goals.”

The change is effective immediately and the company’s new website is www.scribcorglobal.com. The Oak Brook office location and contact phone numbers will remain the same. New email addresses will follow the [email protected] format.

About Scribcor Global Lease Administration

Scribcor Global Lease Administration is a full-service Lease Administration company dedicated to helping global clients manage their commercial leases in a more efficient manner, saving time and money. The Scribcor team is comprised of talented attorneys, accountants, paralegals and property management professionals that combine technology, resources and market knowledge to help streamline lease administration and help clients avoid costly billing errors and overpayment. The company also provides expertise in FASB Consulting, Equipment Lease Administration, Lease Abstracting and other real estate, accounting and compliance-driven services.

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