Data Quality in Real Time.

Know. Right. Now.

Accuracy in Form
and Content

Know. Right. Now.

We know there are two characteristics of real estate lease data accuracy: form and content. Accuracy in form, but not content, means the lease data quality is poor and could be irrelevant. Data accuracy in content, but not form, may not be well-understood by your real estate or leadership team and could lead to mistakes. For Lease Administration and Lease Abstraction purposes, the data must be accurate, timely, relevant, complete, well-understood, and trusted. Our data validation services provide guarantees for fitness, accuracy, and consistency for migrating lease data into various database applications or automated systems. When it’s right, you’re right.

Readily Available

Immediate Access

At Scribcor Global, we give you immediate access to lease data because we know it is critical for the success of any portfolio management strategy. The easier it is for you to access your data, the more quickly you can focus on your core business and create a culture where timely information leads to better decisions and action. The Scribcor Global Lease Administration team ensures your lease data is readily available to users across your enterprise…now.

At Scribcor Global Lease Administration, we do what it takes to let you Know. Right. Now.